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We've always been amused by teams' dopey slogans for the season; the worst one we can remember is the 2004 St. Louis Cardinals' "Red Means Go." We have absolutely no idea what that means, and we sincerely tried.

The Basketball Jones takes a look at some of the NBA teams' slogans this year, and comes away, uh, rather bewildered.

5. Utah Jazz: Pure Adrenaline Rush

Gordan Giricek with the pull-up jumpe r... PURE ADRENALINE RUSH! Deron Williams delivers a solid, two-handed chest pass ... PURE ADRENALINE RUSH! Jerry Sloan 20-second timeout... PURE ADRENALINE RUSH!


By the way, we think every team in baseball, in the three years after the 1994 strike, used the slogan "Baseball Like It Oughta Be." Pretty sure that happened.

NBA Team Marketing Slogans [The Basketball Jones]

(By the way, the guy in the picture is Gil Eagles, the nation's foremost mentalist/motivational speaker. Gil always keeps the troops entertained.)

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