Last week, the NBA released a list of all the arenas and facilities that will be used as polling and voting centers in November. So far, the list includes 20 locations. The 21st was denied, as the Miami Heat released a statement about how unhappy they were about not being allowed to have their arena serve as a polling place.

Voter suppression is no joke.


So, what’s next?

Registering to vote, and following through in every election, at all levels of government, seems to be the only answer for NBA players, and for athletes in general.


This is bigger than Trump. And if you want to do something to stop the next Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery from happening, you have to elect people that won’t look away when the police play target practice with Black people.

Because our lives are literally depending on it.

Because if that isn’t the goal, last month’s strike will always be remembered as a waste of time and energy.