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We've received a lot more complaints about NBC that will be shared with you a little later, but this one is particularly amusing and pretty symbolic of the network's general ineptitude this Olympic season.

Reader James P. explains:

Was streaming the USA hockey game live yesterday afternoon at work over my computer — they actually have a decent player to watch the events — and noticed they had a "boss button" under the controls. Curious, I clicked on it to see what it would bring up and if it would be as amusing as the ridiculous pie graph CBS has used similarly during the NCAA tourney. Of course the geniuses at NBC have programmed in a screenshot of a single BLANK Excel spreadsheet that doesn't even fill a quarter of the screen. So if your boss did walk by, he'd still think you were a lazy shit-for-brains staring at an empty spreadsheet for hours throughout the day.


Ha. "What'cha working on, Bill? Absolutely nothing, huh? Yeah, I'm gonna need your key card."

Also, it makes it look like you're running Windows 7, so I hope your IT team has upgraded (or not provided you with a Mac.)

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