NC State's C.J. Leslie's Valentine's Day Poem About Hooking Up Is Awfully Romantic

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Don't ask how, but we got our hands on one of NC State freshman star forward C.J. Leslie's class assignments. It's spectacular. It must be shared with the world.

English 289, Poetry Writing, offers "class critiquing of student work and instruction in techniques of poetry." After reading this, we think Leslie needs to instruct the world in techniques of poetry. We present an exercise in free verse, titled "She Finally Came." (Click to embiggen, text transcribed below.)


That's solid work. Leslie served a one-game suspension just last week for an undisclosed violation, and coach Sidney Lowe would only say Leslie needed to work on his maturity. We wonder if that's still a problem.

She Finally Came

Cj Leslie

Eng 289


she was hesitant…

about the lack of time we spent.

she said, "i barely know you,


i'm kinda sick."

i said

"calm down

… only as friends."

i waited it out,

and tried it again.

this time only to find out

that we had work til 10!


where did I go wrong?

just tryna find a beneficial friend…

i'm starting to think these excuses


other men…

the next time she cancelled,

it was for an emergency.


this chick is really avoiding me…

then i got a text.



she finally came.


and over, and over, and over….