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NCAA Blogdome: Hurts So Good

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Every NCAA Basketball Tournament seems to produce one classic coaching photo, and this may be the one. Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is now resting comfortably and doing fine. His pain is over. But for others, it's just the beginning. Here's what some of the blogs are saying after the first two rounds.

NCAA Update: ACC & Big Ten Overrated. The supposed two best conferences in college basketball have only advanced one team each into the Sweet Sixteen. The Big Ten has a 6-5 record in the tournament thus far, and only has Ohio State left to represent it and the Buckeyes should have lost to Xavier. Because I hail from Chi-town, I must constantly apologize for the Big Ten's low point totals, stilted offenses and poor field goal percentages by asserting their teams play the best defense in the country. Nope, they're just God awful. [With Leather]

The Myth Of Amateurism. In the last couple of years I have talked to so many people, many off the record, about basketball in America. One of the consistent themes is the filth that pervades high-level college basketball. Moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney... as has been discussed a million times before, it's going everywhere you can possibly imagine. Sure, those few stories about Chris Webber or Reggie Bush have made some headlines, but that's the tip of the iceberg from what I have heard from multiple reliable sources. Boosters, agents, financial advisers, businesses, players, families, friends, "uncles," coaches, fellow students... the stories make your head spin. [TrueHoop]


I Am Just About Ducked. But really, isn't "mathematically" the last word you want to hear when it comes to life? Mathematically is code for, "Dude, you ain't winning shit." I think doctors should adopt this philosophy when giving patients bad news. It sounds better than "you're going to die" I guess. "Your tumor is inoperable, but hey, you are mathematically alive!" Anyway, if Oregon beats UNLV, top prize gives me the finger and goes away. Fucking Oregon. I told anyone who would listen that Wisconsin was terrible, so what do I do? Put them in the Elite Eight on two brackets. [Why Don't We Get Drunk And Blog]

March Madness — Round Two In Quotes. Billy.....Bill Packer......Seriously, just get one thing right in your life please. I'm begging you for your own sake. It's going to get ugly soon....I promise. So without further ado I give you Day quotes...... "I think we've seen this before in a Georgetown uniform... Who's your daddy!?!!?" - Jay Bilas (Thanks East Coast Bias); "He's a gotta go 2 on him"- Bill Raftery; "I think that thing had a vibrating effect"- Jim Spanarkel; "I've never touched you while watching a basketball game"- Packer to Nantz; "And he and Shiloh were both in Mister Rogers Neighborhood- Verne Lundquist; "This is a woeful exhibition by Georgia Tech in the first half of not having anyone who can get into an offense."- Billy Packer (What?); "You know what Dick Enberg would say about Ume?" - Jim Nantz "Ume? Oh my!" - Billy Packer; "Randolph Morris on the inside for Kentucky has been too much of a load for Villanova to handle"- Billy Packer; "Kentucky wants to occupy some clock"- Billy Packer (not understanding the definition of occupy); "Morris is tearing Villanova up inside."- Extrapolater (And you thought I didn't read everyone's live-blog?); "Kentucky gets big again".- Bill Packer; "I think Double Digits will Delight their Devotees today"- Clark Kellogg; "The buckets are coming up Reynolds wrap in Columbus!"- Tim Brando; "Randle with the 360 Slamma.....OH FIGHT THA POWER!"- Tim Brando; "I'll use the banking board thank you very much"- Tim Brando; "Seth Greenberg would like to see more deuces like that from Vasallo"- Tim Brando; "The New Adventures of Old Christine"- Tim Brando; "Well I hope she dances better than old Elaine"- Mike Gminski"; "WITH A MAN'S JAM!!!!"- Ian Eagle; "It's about time for Lindell White to get back on the floor, expose himself, and get the ball in a scoring position."- Billy Packer (Thanks Hog Blogger); "This is a team that spurts."- VL; And my favorite exchange of the day...... "A little Louganis involved in that?"- Verne; "Uh Yeah.....a little bit of a dive"- Raftery. [Awful Announcing]

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