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NCAA Blogdome: Wildcat ... Wild ... Cat... Pow

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As much as I'd like to discuss yesterday's crazy college game, I fear I wouldn't do it any justice. I just can't get into the college athletics like you die-hards do. I blame my Canadianess. And my mom. But hey, let's see what the Internets are saying about Kentucky's 43-37 triple-overtime win over No. 1 LSU ...

• Kentucky Football: Believe! What a game, what a game. My wife and I were cheering and cursing and just loving it. We finally got around to dinner at about 9:30, and I had trouble sleeping last night for thinking about it. This game had much of the excitement of the 1992 Duke-UK basketball game, only with a better result. Kentucky football is truly enjoying a resurgence in the Bluegrass, and fan passion for the game is surging. [A Sea Of Blue]

• Postgame Take. No excuses here. We had all the opportunities in the world to win it. We were up 27-14 and gave it away. Flynn is at best an average passer, though he did well to convert some big third downs with his legs. The overthrows downfield have GOT to stop, though. [...] Our defense is clearly overrated. We had some injuries late but they moved it on us all day. We came up big at home last week when it mattered, but if a unit can't put it together against good offenses on the road, it's not worthy of much praise. It's still a very good defense, just not remotely comparable to the all-time great LSU defenses, or at this point even other defenses that are out there this year (Ohio State, for instance). [And The Valley Shook]


• Where Do LSU's National Title Hopes Stand? LSU's title hopes: They're not on life support. But they took a huge hit. With the wackiness of the '07 season, we're looking at some very iffy top-ranked teams who've fallen into the #1 slot, and it's not going to be easy to dislodge them. If it comes down to it, LSU will have to hope that their resume is impressive enough to be voted into the title game with one loss over an undefeated team with a questionable resume. [The FanHouse]

• Kentucky Shocks No. 1 LSU: Implications! For Kentucky, as legit a claim as anyone to "Best One-Loss Team" in the nation. Next week's game at home against Florida suddenly looms as large as this week's was against LSU. (Oh, and restore UK QB Andre Woodson as the Heisman Trophy favorite, and — while you're at it — as the top QB taken in the 2008 NFL Draft.) [Dan Shanoff]

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