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NCAA Championship Game Blogdome: Let's Play Two

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What they're saying, blogwise, about tonight's National Championship game ...

Let's Play The Game Anyway. If you don't know already, Ohio State is the underdog going into Monday night's national title game. We know that by the betting lines and we know it by listening or reading the experts. To a man, they are all picking against Ohio State. In reading Greg Doyel on CBS Sportslilne, I'm not sure if we should even enter the arena, let alone suit up. Same with the outed liar Mike Freeman who actually suggests Florida could beat at least five teams in the NBA. [Buckeye Commentary]

The Mirror Image. The names are the same, but the situation is reversed. As of this morning, I haven't heard a single sports talking head or pundit who predicts Ohio State will win tonight. Sounds like January 8 - in the reverse. I have a suspicion Florida fans are acting like Buckeye fans did prior to the BCS title game. I have heard the same sort of boastfulness from some of my fellow Gator fans. And, I wish it wasn't so. A little good natured ribbing is to be expected post-game, and we certainly are not above that here at Saurian Sagacity. However, talking big pre-game as often as not makes you end up looking stupid. [Saurian Sagacity]

Deja Vu. Think back (sorry) to the BCS title game. Remember how you guys were the clear cut favorites and the Gators had NO CHANCE against the mighty big 10? I bring this up because I just realized the tides have turned. Everyone is picking the gators (outside Ohio). This really scares me because I know how dangerous your team is. Luckily, there are no classless gators coming on this board like so many buckeye fans from jhuddle did to our boards. I'm glad we are civil. — FriendlyGator. [BuckNuts Message Board]


Hey clown, Gators fans were all over our boards as well so don't start with that cr*p, every d1 school with a big-time athletic program has the idiot fans whether you take credit for them or not. — BWJackets. [BuckNuts Message Board]

Florida Phanz. This video almost erases the horror of losing the National Championship. It goes a long way to making those 82 yards of offense seem less offensive.....It's good to be a Buckeye. [The Buckeye Mainiac]

Buckeyes Again: Perfect! I'll be brutally honest: I despise Ohio State. I believe 90%+ of their fans are total douchebags. I am still pissed at the treatment the Gator Nation received at the hands of Ohio State fans in Glendale, as well as the media. In my view 41-14 was simply a good start. If Meyer wasn't such a classy guy, I'd have beseeched him to score on those last two possessions, something Florida could easily have done. So in my view, this chance to beat Ohio State a third time will be a chance to help salve some old wounds. It will be almost as joyful to inflict some additional pain to the embarassed Buckeye nation as it will to win a second national championship in basketball, back-to-back, sandwiching a football championship. [Orange and Blue Hue]

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