NCAA Forces Writer To Delete Video Of Wichita State Coach's Rowdy Wife [Update]

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Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall isn’t the only one in the family that can cause a scene, apparently.


Lynn Marshall, Gregg’s wife, was filmed by Kentucky Sports Radio’s Drew Franklin after getting a little rowdy in the stands during last night’s exciting game between the Shockers and Wildcats, which Kentucky won 65-62. Marshall, who was reportedly visited by security three times and later escorted from her seat by a police officer after loudly cursing throughout the game, did not take kindly to having her cheering methods broadcast to the internet, so she rang up the NCAA for some good old-fashioned reporter bullying.


Franklin tweeted the occasional Marshall update throughout the game; he eventually took a 20-second video to his Twitter and included it in the initial version of his post on KSR. According to Franklin, an NCAA official stopped by his spot on press row—he was seated at the end of the row behind the Wichita State bench, right next to Lynn—and asked him to stop tweeting about her because “she saw it and she is upset.” 

The NCAA circled back on Franklin after Wichita State had its two potential game-tying three-pointers blocked. Reportedly threatening Franklin with having his tournament credential revoked, an NCAA official approached Franklin after the game in the media room and demanded he delete the video from his personal account. Franklin wrote that the official stood over him while he took down the video; KSR later re-uploaded the video for their post, where it can be viewed in full.

The NCAA did not respond to our request for comment.

KSR was joined in reporting on Marshall’s antics by both national and local press. According to a report from the AP, Marshall was asked to leave her seat behind the Wichita State bench by a stadium security guard after “loudly cursing” from her seat roughly 10 minutes after the game ended. A police officer escorted her from her spot, later taking her to Gregg’s postgame press conference. The run-in was at least Marshall’s fourth of the night with stadium security—per WTVQ reporter Kennedy Hardman, security stopped by to chat with Marshall three times during the game. When they finally decided to kick Marshall out, Hardman reported that the security guard said, “Since it’s the Head Coach’s wife we have to be delicate.”


A team spokesperson told the AP he was unaware of any issues and that the team would have no comment.

Update (10:48 a.m.): The NCAA responded to our request for comment with the following statement, denying Franklin’s account that an NCAA employee asked him to delete the video:

Nick, I checked with our men’s basketball office. No one from the NCAA asked anyone to take the video down. With regards to Mrs. Marshall, she was escorted from her seat to the back-of-house area so that she could attend Coach Marshall’s press conference. Thank you.


Franklin responded to the NCAA’s statement on Twitter: