NCAA Pants Party: Ohio State Vs. Davidson

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Ohio State Buckeyes (25-5) vs. Davidson Wildcats (20-10).
When: Friday, 12:15 p.m.
Where: Dayton, Ohio.



1. Wait Till Next Year. The Buckeyes are poised to make a nice run this month, but things will get really interesting next year when the "Thad Five" come to town. Ohio State has five highly rated recruits incoming, led by seven-footer Greg Oden out of Indianapolis. Oden is sure to be the biggest thing to hit Columbus since the sweatervest. Just to show what a big deal Greg Oden is, ask yourself how many seniors in high school have fan sites set up devoted entirely to them? Greg Oden has two.

2. The Buckeyes Are Allergic To Twos: Ohio State has at times this season shown a marked aversion to shooting from inside the arc. Thirty-nine percent of Ohio State's shots this season were 3-pointers. Je'Kel Foster was the most opportunistic of the bunch, with 65 percent of his shots coming from three point range. It's a bit of a strange offense, considering that the Buckeyes best player is 6'9, 260 pound forward Terence Dials. But when the Bucks are on, they're really on. In their first win over Michigan, the Bucks shot 63% from 3 point range (15-24).

3. Hey, We Were Here All Year! It's become a cliche anymore to say that a team gets no respect (thank you New England Patriots!), but Ohio State can legitimately claim that no one thought they had a shot at being where they are. The Big 10 writer's preseason poll had the Buckeyes as the sixth best team in the Big 10, and Ohio State wasn't ranked in the top 25 until Week 6 of the Coaches Poll. — JD Arney


1. The High School Band. With 1,700 students, Davidson is one of the smallest coed Division I schools in the country. So small that they don t even have a pep band. In comes the band from a local high school, undoubtedly honored to be in a hallowed college gym. The band does its best to get under the opponent s skin, yelling things during their player introductions like, "Who cares!" and "Daddy s girl!" OK, so it s not quite the Cameron Crazies. But when you don t even have your own band, hey, you can t really complain.


2. Mark McGuire. So he didn t spell his name McGwire. But he still was a big (6-10), slow, white guy from St. Louis. Occassionally, he d do something so spectacular, like dunk on 6-11 future ex-76er Sharone Wright, that you d think he could be the team s savior. Then he d go back to playing like you expect a philosophy major to play. We hear Mark went on to teach in Japan and get a Ph.D. in Asian religions - which is not something we heard McGwire did, but nobody ever found any andro in his locker.

3. Pecan Pie. It s a southern favorite and coach Bob McKillop, a native Long Islander, must be a convert. Way back when — OK, in 1996, when Davidson had its best record ever in 16 years under McKillop (25-5, 14-0 conference) and actually was considered for an at-large NCAA bid — McKillop came across a couple dorky looking college kids who were stumbling around the team hotel during the conference tournament. Probably knowing they were penniless and starving, he directed them to the hospitality suite and, in that beauiful Long Island accent, offered them some pecan pie AND Cokes.


Unfortunately, McKillop s hospitality continued the next day when Davidson folded in the conference title game against Western Carolina. Seeing as how those college kids had pretty much put all their hopes and dreams into that team s season as a crowning achievement for their time in school, that loss made for a very miserable overnight drive to the Florida keys to kick off spring break. — Matt Pitzer

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