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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Ndamukong Suh Likely Won't Be Suspended For Dirty Block

You can see Suh at the end of this gif, making a low block from a 90-degree angle on Vikings center John Sullivan during an interception return Sunday. He swears he wasn't aiming for the knees. The NFL apparently agrees.


Suh was flagged for a personal foul, but as the teams came out for the second half, he sought out Sullivan to apologize. "By any means, I’m not going for his knees,” Suh said. "He knows that. We had a great conversation running out at halftime. And he understood. My aim was his waist, to cut him off.”

Suh told Lions coach Jim Schwartz he was afraid of getting flagged if he went high, but mistimed his block.


Sullivan, who underwent microfracture surgery on his left knee this offseason, said he appreciated that Suh spoke to him, but after the game sounded like he wanted to see some punishment for Suh.

"It was pretty clear that I was out of the play," Sullivan told KFAN. "I don't think he was trying to hurt me," Sullivan continued. "But there need be consequences when guys don't respect the careers of other players."

The NFL's discipline czar told the Detroit Free Press that the league was reviewing the play, and didn't immediately rule out a suspension. "All options are on the table with a repeat offender," Ray Anderson said.

Suh has been fined five times in three years, mostly for abusing quarterbacks, but has only been suspended once, for stomping on Evan Dietrich-Smith in 2011. His block on Sullivan apparently won't sideline him:'s Ian Rapoport reports that Suh will likely get a "heavy fine," but a suspension probably isn't in the cards.

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