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Netherlands vs. Russia Extra Time Live Blog

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Here we go, two 15 minute periods of overtime action. If the match is still tied after that, it's on to penalties (but let's hope it doesn't come to that). Continue after the jump for live commentary and updates.


• Sneijder makes a nice run, but his shot had no chance of getting past the keeper. The Russians are getting kicked around a bit at the other end, and the ref has finally called a foul. Free kick to come.

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• Arshavin made another beautiful turn only to see his shot swallowed up by van der Sar.


• Neither team is backing off at this point, but eventually the Netherlands will probably start playing for penalties.

• van Persie's shot took a couple of deflections, but it was ultimately secured by the keeper. The Russians quickly get the ball back downfield, but Arshavin skies one over the bar. The Dutch have no clue how to handle him.

• Pavlyuchenco just crushed one into the corner of the bar. That might have been the hardest shot I've seen in the tournament along with Podolski's late miss against Portugal.

• Arshavin shreds the Dutch defense once again, leaving it off for Torbinski, who promptly deposits the ball in van der Sar's hands. In case you were wondering, Arshavin is not Leo Messi.


• Afellay wisely stops another Russian counter with a timely shove in the back. The free kick is awarded outside of any danger area.

• Just a few minutes remaining in the first extra period.

• Ruud was only about ten yards offside. We're seeing all aspects of classic Ruud today.



• They've switched sides and the Dutch have kicked it off. I'd expect to see the Russians taking control of possession in this period, with the Dutch increasingly confident to go to the penalties.


• The Ruskies were calling for a penalty, but the ref was wise to not award it. Orange riots are especially ugly.

• Stop reading my live blog, Smyth!

• Wow, the Russians are running roughshod over the Dutch, yet they can't get any good shots on target.


• The Dutch need to be a bit more agrresive than this, they just have to be mindful of the counterattack.

• Torbinski picks up a yellow with a late challenge, and he becomes the second Russian to be suspended should they move on.


• Holy shit! A Russian defender tried to head it back to the keeper, but he looked like he wanted to score. And now they're screaming at each other. Teamwork!

• DAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGER! GOAL, TORBINSKI! 2-1 Russia with minutes to play.

• I didn't see who provide that cross, but it was a beautiful floater to the back post and Guus's sub finished the job with ease.


• Sychev is on for Russia and he doesn't waste any time before taking a crack at goal, just high.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! ARSHAVIN! He's dominated the match, and he deserved a place on the scoreline.


• 3-1 Russia, and it's just about official.

• It's all over in Sweden, and another favorite has been denied entry into the Semifinals. The Russians will go on to face the winner of tomorrow's Spain/Italy match, but they'll be without two players due to yellow card accumulation.

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