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Nets CEO Shamed By Ashamed Fans He Drove To Shamefulness

Nets executive Brett Yormark gave a mea culpa, the day after getting into a shouting match with a fan wearing a paper bag. Hey, at least there was a fan to argue with.

Before the fourth quarter of last night's loss, Yormark spotted Chris Lisi wearing the old "Ain'ts" paper bag over his head. He confronted Lisi and his brother, even though their seats had a face value of $900, and Yormark probably should have thrown them a parade.

Yormark asked him why he was wearing the bag, and when he responded with a sarcastic, "Because the Nets are so good," Yormark snapped at him.

Yormark jabbed his finger toward the fan, who was at the game with his brother and another male companion, as he berated him for wearing the bag. After Lisi's brother waved a pair of tickets toward Yormark, the CEO stomped away and the fans remained at their seats without incident.


Today Yormark gave one of those "I'm sorry it happened, but I'm not sorry" statements:

I did not agree with the way this person expressed his opinion of our team last night and I let him know...We have an exciting future ahead and we appreciate all of our fans' support,

"Fans' support?" You sure you didn't misplace that apostrophe, Brett?

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