Nets Try To Trick Fans Into Wearing Nets Gear

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Want season tickets to see the Nets? No, of course you don't. Will some Nets jerseys sweeten the deal? Still no, huh. OK, how about jerseys of the best players on other teams. Yes, it's that desperate at the Meadowlands.

In what has to be a first, the Nets are running a promotion that gives fans who buy a 10-game package five reversible jerseys. On one side: one of the league's superstars. On the other: some shitty Nets player.


Want a Kevin Garnett uni? Then you're going to have to accept a Yi Jianlian one. Got your eye on that snazzy LeBron jersey? It's yours, if you take this Jarvis Hayes jersey too.

Most curious of all is what appears to be a throwback Stephon Marbury jersey paired with Kobe's Lakers uniform.


It's an interesting proposition. The Nets are essentially saying to fans, if you want these sought-after replica jerseys, you're going to have to take our team's stuff with them. But there's a fatal flaw: no one will ever wear them as Nets stuff except on laundry day.

And if five jerseys don't sweeten the pot enough, you get a month's subscription to the New York Post. You can keep your D-Wade jersey, I'm already sold!

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