Come on, who hasn't had a Little League coach who's been caught with over a kilo of cocaine and an unregistered weapon? It's part of growing up. At least in Alabama.

Meet Marlon Wade, who has been coaching 11-12 year-olds in the Saraland Baseball Association for the past six years. Among his other hobbies are drug trafficking, theft and assault; he was arrested on Thursday while in possession of $24,000 worth of cocaine and an unregistered weapon. In fact, Wade has 22 prior arrests on charges of disorderly conduct, theft and assault.


On the bright side, Wade's team was the best-equipped Little League squad in the world.

So what was he doing coaching Little League? Hey, background checks are expensive.

"It's expensive to do them, but that's not an excuse," said Todd Edge, Commissioner for the Saraland Baseball Association. "We have 150 coaches in the baseball park. I talked to some independent agencies. It's 40 dollars per coach to do a background check, so you're talking about six thousand dollars. We don't get city funding."


Edge also said that Wade has been permanently banned from coaching in the league. That'll teach him.

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