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In the wake of last week's free-furniture-if-the-Bears-shut-out-the-Packers promotion in Chicago, the folks at Gallery Furniture, the huge Texas furniture place that even hosts a bowl game from time to time, has decided to push all its chips to the middle of the table, 10-gallon hat style.

The store is running a promotion this week that awards anyone who buys more than $3,000 worth of furniture will receive it free if ... the Texans beat the Colts this week. That's not a shutout, or even a complete disembowelment of Peyton Manning: It merely requires a victory.

The furniture is insured, of course โ€” we always wonder if some of these insurers have bookies on staff for specifically these purposes โ€” but we can't help but feel bad for the Texans, whose home team fans are so jaded and turned off that you know this probably isn't going to help Gallery Furniture sales all that much. Who wants to get stuck with $3,000 worth of crappy furniture?

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