This brilliantly disturbing photo (no, she's not dead, just sleepy) was captured last week by the ribald red-hatted rebel rousers who call themselves The Fightins.. No, it's not uncommon to find Phillies fans grossly intoxicated and laid out on the ground, but it is a wonder how this poor girl actually managed to keep one of her flip-flops after this spilll.

The Phillies' offensive explosiveness can have that affect on people; after running off a week of epic run-scoring, it's amazing that more and more fans aren't having similar reactions.

Phillies fans , please take into account what you eat for the rest of this homestand and make sure you have extra support for your summertime footwear should you happen to take a similar tumble.

Just your typical Tueseday night at The Bank [The Fightins']