New 49ers Coach Jim Tomsula Mumbles And Huffs His Way Through Interview

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If you cringe easily, look away. New San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula had a chat with CSN Bay Area today, and it resulted in four minutes of muttering, huffing, and awkward silences.


We're willing to chalk it up to a bad day for Tomsula. He's probably exhausted from the media tour, and he can't churn out a soup metaphor every time.


Here are some of Tomsula's actual answers during the interview:

"I would not say that. I wouldn't say it either."

"I just don't want to go down that road."

"That's absolutely ludicroust." (This is not a typo. He clearly said "ludicroust.")



"[Heavy breathing.]"

"Hmmmm, mmmm, yeah."

"Buh, uh, rusdhfkdklsddklaasdfas."

Need more Tomsula? Here's his hourlong introductory press conference from yesterday. You're welcome.


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