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New Facts: Most Sports Viewers Are Republican, John Boehner Chain Smokes

According to this recent fancypants study, the majority of sports fans in this country tend to vote Republican. This explains why so many people start yelling at us when this site throws lefty.

Yes, and it is awful when people try to merge politics with sports, sports with politics, because this tends to result in awkward dinnertime conversation for everyone. But this study is fascinating. For example, did you know that WWE fans tilt Democratic but are least likely to cast a ballot? Or that college football fans tend to be very responsible — and Republican — voters. And — get this — WNBA fans tend to vote Democratic. Now go call someone to wipe your brain off the wall.


But, as the study says, the majority of Sports Fan America is down with GOP. Which is perfect timing for this random deleted scene to pop into our inbox early this morning about House Minority Leader John Boehner:

this guy is the biggest fucking tool. Saw him randomly at a bar in the
coronado area of san diego. He was talking loud enough so everyone
could hear him name drop like crazy. Overheard him say he had half a
dozen margaritas, and he is also a bit of a chain smoker. You would
think he would want that healthcare bill to go through before he gets
throat cancer. I know it isnt sports related but meh

Meh it is. But as Boehner is an Ohio Republican, we can now confidently speculate that he is also a huge college football fan and probably looks forward to the Masters.

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