You know what's not easy? Taking care of 27 orphaned bear cubs. Sure, bear cubs are cute and furry, and helping to keep them alive probably fills one with a warming sense of accomplishment, but all that good stuff fades away when the bears won't stop fidgeting and just fucking go to sleep already.

Ben Kilham of New Hampshire usually spends his winter watching over a handful of orphaned bear cubs, who are able to hibernate peacefully in an enclosure near Kilham's home. This year, however, Kilham has found himself saddled with 27 cubs, many of which refuse to hibernate. This, as Kilham told WCVB in Boston, is a big problem:

They are waking each other up, playing in the trees within the 8-acre fence, burning up the calories and running up a huge bill on Kibbles 'n Bits.

While Kilham received donations from residents in places like Shelburne, Tamworth and Moultonborough where the cubs were orphaned, and did receive one $2,500 grant from the New Hampshire Wildlife Heritage Foundation, it's been spent already on steam-flaked corn and dog food.

He estimates this year it will cost $1,000 per cub to get them through to June.

Goddamn bears! Always runnin' around the woods and lookin' adorable and trying to play themselves to death. This is exactly why I am a dog person.

Anyway, here's a picture of a bear cub eating some Kibbles 'n Bits, because it's Friday:


Images via WCVB