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New Home For The Buzzsaw Debuts

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It has always been insane that the Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals, an NFL team, for crying out loud, has spent the last 16 years playing in a college team's stadium. Only the Buzzsaw would rent out a subpar Pac-10 team's field.

But that ends tomorrow, when the Buzzsaw hosts the Steelers in their first preseason game, the impressively monikered Cardinals Stadium makes its debut. It's so extravagantly designed that the New York Times Architecture critic reviewed it, and that's just insane. (We don't think Sun Devil Stadium ever had such a privilege.)


The stadium won't feel real to us until we play it on Madden, but for now, we can't wait. 6-10, here we come!

Dynamism Tamed By Cost-Cutters [New York Times]

(UPDATE: A reader who is an Arizona State fan writes in to justifiably put us in our place:

"You realize the Sundevil-Cardinals stadium sharing is like letting a buddy who's going through some hard times crash at your place, only the stay gets longer and longer, and he continues on with his self-destructing life. Then he finally gets himself on his feet (landing Leinart and Edge) and then he bails. After all those years you helped support them, and as they leave they start slamming your pad saying what a dump it is. So calling ASU subpar (and I like how you used Pac-10 as an insult too) is like that buddy saying that you were an asshole in the first place. That's the last time we let you crash at our place."

Yeah, we probably deserved that.)

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