New Illinois Football Coach Using Porridge As Punishment

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This is how Tim Beckman hopes to rid the Illini program of the taste left by Ron Zook's seven seasons in charge:

The seriousness of new Illinois coach Tim Beckman's disciplinary methods were quickly introduced when porridge was set in front of many players.

Those who followed the rules, arriving at classes 10 minutes early and never missing a rep during winter workouts, were treated to steak and eggs at the "All-In Banquet." Those who missed a beat were treated to an Oliver Twist breakfast.

"I think it was a little bit of an eye-opening experience for some of them," Beckman said. "We ask our players to be above and beyond … and compete at a level that we think is a championship level."

A total of 21 players and four assistant coaches earned the steak and eggs. Beckman was among those who didn't, since he missed a workout to speak at an alumni event. Pro tip for those Illini players and coaches who find themselves running late in the future: When life gives you porridge, try sprinkling a little cinnamon, sugar, or fresh fruit on top. Works wonders.


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