There are plenty of new amenities for Parrotheads and Dolphinheads alike at Jimmy Buffet's Land Shark Stadium, but one of the most potentially troublesome is a device for the well-to-do horny fellas not interested in the game to eye-grope the cheerleaders.

Okay, it's actually not that unseemly, but the handheld device called "Dolphins Mobile Vision" offers premium ticket holders 11 different camera angles to watch the game from their swanky seats. And one of those angles is the "cheerleader cam." 5,000 of these devices will be available for an "unprecedented multi-media experience" including fantasy sports updates, concession stand menus, and the aforementioned boob view.

Still, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was recently told by Roger Goodell and other NFL owners that the Fins' stadium is "behind the times" and that they are in jeopardy of not hosting as many Super Bowls based on increased competition from the likes of Dallas and New Orleans. The next logical step for Land Shark Stadium to become Yankee Stadium South is to provide a see-through option on its "Dolphins Mobile Vision" for the fans who want a XXX football experience. Who wouldn't want to see Tony Sporano naked?

Handheld Devices For Stadium New Boob Tube [NBC Miami]