Skip Bayless has left ESPN to join Fox Sports’ Suicide Squad, a bunch of twisted truth-tellers who are just too hot for TV (viewers). He’s promised to take the gloves off—no more will he be muffled by Disney. Today, we’re getting our very first look at the new, no-holds-barred Skip Bayless. And it sucks.

The important thing to remember is that this is a PR rollout, carefully plotted and planned to drum up interest for his new show. Bayless’s reintroduction came with a storyline: his ESPN takes simply weren’t allowed to be hot enough, he said.

Officially under contract with Fox since yesterday, here’s Bayless, able to truly speak his mind for the first time in 12 years. Here is THE TAKE THAT WAS TOO HOT FOR ESPN.

If you think you can handle meatballs that spicy, tune in to Bayless’s new show, two hours every weekday morning from Sept. 6 until we’re all dead.