Just got done watching the NC State/ Carolina game, and State is so overkill with the Wolfpack thing it's ridiculous. If they don't incorporate Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Steiner, Randy Savage, and Lex Luger into a pre-game entrance it'll be a shame. โ€” pics1169

Fuck you Charlie Weis. Fuck you and your arrogant piece of shit disposition. Fuck your decided schematic advantage. Fuck your playing calling. Fuck your inept offensive line. Fuck going for it on fourth and gives a fuck how long no matter where you are on the field. Fuck you you fucking stupid fuckhead of a fucker. Oh, and get Ron Pawlus off the fucking staff. โ€” sideshownixon

I don't want to say Notre Dame is poorly coached, but Chico's Bail Bonds may be a Notre Dame sponsor next season. โ€” I Heart Poop

Okay... it's time to say what we've all been thinking: Charlie Weis is CLEARLY working for the Communists. โ€” wavesgoalie

I really shouldn't have described today's Alabama/MSU game as "a cakewalk" to my Bamer boss. Maybe I won't have a job come Monday. I hope I can make some money off of dumpjohnparker.com to compensate โ€” Rodeo Queen


Actual quote from announcer in FSU/Virginia Tech game: "Quarterback Sean Glennon, throwing with backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor... who's also a quarterback" ... awkward silence ... "Yeah, he's really something, that quarterback." ... Is there a position mention quota system at ABC that we don't know about? โ€” patwhite

We have a report of a very rare sighting: a Notre Dame offensive touchdown. โ€” Signal to Noise

Sitting in Haymarket Square in Lincoln, Nebraska. Never been here before. Want to ask the guy next to me (so drunk he just cheered for the "Horncuskers") if they really think the Belichicking of K State is anything to celebrate. โ€” karlgreat


With 4:30 left, ESPN hasn't cut to commercial the entire 4th quarter in the WIS-MICH game. Don't you have a stupid miniseries to promote? Christ I have to pee. โ€” The Victoria Times

Thanks to losing my remote, I just had to spend two hours watching "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" instead of football, because I couldn't change the channel. I would have preferred somebody came in, changed to any game, and called me "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" bitch. โ€” sirdiesel

Maybe I'm the only one who caught this, but during the Michigan/Wisconsin game, they had an audio problem and you could hear the producer feeding Andre Ware his lines into his ear. โ€” cjbrownb


Northwestern's win percentage when I flask the game โ€” 100%... fuckin' right. โ€” mwpuckhead

Illinois linebacker J Leman wants to be an infomercial host. He just made a good tackle on Beanie Wells, and then told him to "set it and forget it." โ€” Grimey

I thought getting engaged this week might allow me to watch more college football on the weekends. I was wrong. โ€” The Fan's Attic


And with that cry for help we end another successful day of the Hugh Johnson Project. Thanks for playing along, guys. Most of you really brought your A-game today. Go Illini ... I guess.