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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

New Reality Star Anna Benson Says The Mets Were "Scared Of My Big Fun Bags"

Illustration for article titled New Reality Star Anna Benson Says The Mets Were Scared Of My Big Fun Bags

Anna Benson, the buxom brunette who has long had the distinction of being more famous than her husband, a former journeyman Major League pitcher named Kris, is going to star in VH1's new reality series, "Baseball Wives," according to the New York Post.


The Post couldn't resist asking Mrs. Benson her take on why her husband was traded from the Mets to the Orioles after 2005. The trade followed Kris's lone full year in New York, when he posted a WHIP of 1.262 and a WAR of 1.0, while earning $5.3 million.

"They were scared of my big fun bags," she insists. "They were afraid they were too big, and they were going to obstruct the view of the fans seeing the game. Plus they were intimidated by them themselves. So they had to trade him, I guess."

"I don't know why you would trade a stud pitcher. I don't know why it became about me. But it kind of makes me feel good that they were intimidated by me."


Also, Mrs. Benson wants to make one thing clear about "Baseball Wives."

"We are not like the ‘Basketball Wives,' " Benson, a former stripper, tells The Post. "We are classy."

'Baseball' & chain: Ex-Met Benson wife breakout star of new series [New York Post]
[h/t to Clay G.]

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