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ABC News has obtained 45 minutes of surveillance footage from cameras at Atlantic City's Revel casino where, minutes earlier, Ray Rice had punched out his then-fiancée Janay Palmer. Two minutes of that footage is below; it can be tough to watch at parts.

  • The video starts with casino employees warning Rice away from Palmer. (ABC News says that in video taken immediately after the assault, which isn't shown in this clip, Palmer physically pushed Rice away from her.)
  • At 17 seconds, the video jumps ahead to a crying Palmer being interviewed by security as they give her first aid.
  • At 49 seconds, we see Rice, sitting apart from Palmer, with his hands cuffed behind his back. At 1:15, he is led by police past Palmer, who by this point is also handcuffed. (The count of assault against her was later dropped.)
  • At 1:25 Rice and Palmer are escorted onto the same elevator. Rice appears to hit his head on the wall. A crying Palmer speaks to him, and the two press against each other, even appearing to kiss before they are escorted out and loaded into separate police cars.

The video was obtained by ABC News through a FOIA request to the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division. Rice went to court in an attempt to prevent the release of the video.

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