New Vikings Coach Sporting Rare Mustache/Baldness Combo

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Today, the Minnesota Vikings will announce that Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress will be their new coach, or, if you can't resist making the same joke everybody else is making this morning, captain of their ship. Childress has been with the Eagles for seven years, and, having seen Requiem For A Dream, should be comfortable dealing with Fred Smoot.

We are proud to report that Childress is the second Eastern Illinois University graduate, along with Mike Shanahan, to coach in the NFL. We, however, would like to suggest to Mr. Childress that, to remain the respect of his players and his fans, wear a hat on the sidelines. It's one thing to be bald, and it's one thing to have a mustache, but it's a whole thing all together to be bald and have a mustache. Which one of those pictures do you respect more? It's not like he's gonna lose the mustache, after all, that would be sacrilege.

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