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Next Thing You Know, They'll Ban Chaps

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We have another victim of the NBA's dress code, a guy whose personal style has been as unique as it has been personalized. The guy is sighing and obliging to David Stern's wishes, losing a little part of himself in the process, taking away his personal code and culture in the name of pleasing corporate sponsors and nervous owners.

Yep, it's Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, who says he'll comply with the NBA dress code by no longer wearing his signature John Deere hat.

"I knew it was probably coming one way or the other," he said, "so I can live without a hat. I can do without anything, if I have to, as far as my job is concerned."


Honestly, if Jerry Sloan can't express his personal style, we don't know if we can even call it the NBA anymore. We do assume, by the way, that Stern himself will be allowed to wear a yarmulke.

Hat Trick [Desert News) (second item, via Ben Maller)

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