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Yes, it's time for another go at a theme week for this site. Starting Tuesday, we'll be talking about all things bloody in sports, culminating with Pat Jordan driving out to Los Angeles to punch Sarah Silverman.

No, of course, not. But what will Blood Week entail? Lots of things. For example, we have some hockey stories. Some MMA stuff. Some boxing stories. And each of those stories will result in some sort of bloody tie-in. Because if it doesn't, then poor Jim Cooke went and carved up his leg for no good reason.


But we're also taking submissions from you scary people. Send us pictures of your bloody sports-related injuries and the stories behind them to Subject: Blood week. Remember how much fun we had with these last year?

And on that note, we'll let everyone get ready for game 6 of Los Suns-Los Lakers. More importantly, for bandwagon Philadelphia Flyers fans like myself, it's game one of the Stanley Super Cup Championship Bowl. Let's let our odd little friends at Zoo With Roy fire you people up.




Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Barry here tomorrow. Crashtern on Monday. I'll be gone most of next week for Leitch's wedding. So don't trash the place.

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