So you want to gamble on football. Good—gambling is damn wonderful. Here's a resource to make looking at this week's lines a little more informative.

Why bother with this when a million articles post lines? Because there's so much noise, really. So we're putting the lines and a few bits of relevant information in one, hopefully useful place for you. It's meant to be your bite-sized, at-a-glance, lazy-ass way to digest the week's games. Data come from

A disclaimer: We're figuring this out. We've included line movement since Monday, record against the spread for the entire season (and for the last four weeks and home and away), and little graphs showing week-by-week performance against the spread (capped at +/- 20), but if there is anything you'd like added for the next time, let us know in the comments or shoot us an email at or

Here are your Week 7 games: