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NFL Draft Prospect Dreams Big

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Texas Longhorns safety Michael Huff is generally regarded as one of the top safety prospects in the upcoming NFL draft. And Huff, like many other young football players, is really looking forward to being drafted. Why? Because he wants to buy an IHOP.

No mention of a Hummer H3, no six-figure pendant with his number in diamonds, not even a house for his mother... the young man just wants to own a pancake house. He wants pancakes and shrimp whenever he wants, and he doesn't want to have to wait, or to pay for it. I admire his simple tastes.


If I found myself on the verge of NFL riches, I can't deny I'd do something equally goofy. I think I'd build a curling rink with 24-hour waitress service, nude pole-dancers on both sides of the ice, and a giant, constantly running Grey Goose fountain. Yeah. That's what I'd do. What would you do?

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