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NFL Issues Press Release Through USA Today On How Hard It's Working

Illustration for article titled NFL Issues Press Release Through emUSA Today/em On How Hard Its Working

The NFL wants you to know it's working hard on the issue of domestic violence. It hasn't actually changed anything since the video of Ray Rice slugging his wife was released. But why should that get in the way of a good press release, also known as an exclusive interview, as Tim Marchman explained yesterday.


In said interview with USA Today's Christine Brennan, the vice president of social responsibility Anna Isaacson talks a lot about all the work they are doing, all the meetings they are having, and how "active" Goodell has been.

But have they actually done anything?

We are bringing in the right people to guide us, to help us make decisions that move this issue forward and to really now take this opportunity and allow us to make a massive difference for thousands of women around the country."


That's nice. Let me try asking again. Have you done anything?

We're working night and day on this topic right now. This is the most important thing that we are doing right now….We have an issue, clearly. We have an issue. If we have one issue it's too many. We know that this is a much broader issue than the NFL and we know that we have a responsibility now to help fix that.

All right, this a joke, right? I just want to know if you've done anything. Maybe tell me what you're considering. What's on the table?

I think we're more concerned about doing the right thing and getting this right. And I think that we believe that we can get there. We know we're going to make an impact on this and we will do what's right, and you will see that over time. In the long term, there will be a very clear silver lining to this.


OK. I get it. You haven't done anything.

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