Going where no QB has gone before

And yet, to win a Super Bowl, Mahomes will have to pull off one last trick and defy seven decades of precedent. No NFL quarterback has even been the NFL’s passing yardage leader and won a Super Bowl in the same season. The closest a quarterback has come to pulling off that double feat was Brady with the 19-0 Patriots. The last NFL quarterback to lead the league in touchdowns en route to an NFL championship was Johnny Unitas during the 1959 season.


Kansas City as a team were the NFL’s passing yardage leader in 2020, but Mahomes sat the final week of the regular season and wound up getting plowed by the Bucs in Super Bowl LV. Six quarterbacks before this season have finished one game short of the Super Bowl champs-passing yardage leader double feat before. Dan Marino in 1984, Kurt Warner in 2001, Rich Gannon in 2002, the aforementioned Tom Brady in 2007, Peyton Manning in 2017, and Tom Brady again in 2017.

Mahomes faces a Herculean task given the dearth of talent on Kansas City’s defensive end in comparison to the personnel Buffalo, Philadelphia, and even Cincinnati have at their disposal. Their postseason hopes rest almost sorely on Mahomes’ arms and legs.


Kansas City’s middling defense and the absence of a juggernaut in the backfield (although undrafted free agent Isiah Pacheco emerged as a punishing runner in the backfield) has forced Mahomes to keep his foot on the gas, but their pre-snap motions and Mahomes’ egalitarian distribution of throws in the red zone, will make this a unique challenge for opponents to game plan against.