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NFL Network Rids Itself Of Stoners, Past, Present and Future

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Former Minnesota Vikings running back Robert Smith was always one of our favorite players when he was in the league. He was unusually intelligent — particularly for someone who went to Ohio State — retired at the top of his game and was renowned for his charitable foundations, most notably The Robert Smith Foundation, which benefits cancer research. He's a smart guy with a sense of social justice and what life is like off the field.

He also once smoked pot during his NFL career. He has admitted it and said it was a mistake, hoping kids could learn from it. Showing that they understand the bigger picture, the NFL Network has decided that this admission from Smith is reason to rescind an offer for Smith to be a broadcaster for the network.


Incidentally, former Vikings quarterback Warren Moon is currently a broadcaster for the NFL Network. You remember Warren Moon; the guy who once beat and choked his wife.

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