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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Disclosure: thanks to a friend in editorial, I'm often one of the anonymous guys in the "men tell you what they really want" articles at Cosmo. That's my excuse for knowing that this month's issue features some football players.


Football players telling you what they like in a woman, to be specific. Surprisingly, it takes more than knowing which hotel they're staying in to have a chance with these hopeless romantics.

Some highlights:

Cosmo: What's a dating pet peeve you have?
Kerry Rhodes: "A pet peeve of mine is when a woman acts like she's not as hungry as she really is and all she orders is a salad. I'm like, 'Baby, please eat!'"

Cosmo: What's something a woman might say that would turn you off?
Matt Cassel: "I had garlic for lunch."

Cosmo: What's something a woman might say that you'd like to hear?
David Anderson: "'You don't have to pay for that.' Kidding. I would always be a gentleman and take care of the bill, of course...but really, it's always nice to hear a woman say, 'Thank you.' Those two words go a long way."

Cosmo: What's a piece of dating advice you wish women knew?
Wes Welker: "Call me so you know where I am, follow me to see if I'm doing what I say I'm doing, hire a private investigator...but whatever you do, do not snoop through my e-mail or cell phone!

Cosmo: What's something a woman can do on a first date to guarantee a second one?
Terrell Owens: "Good communication is the key to keeping my interest. Every man notices a woman's looks first, but a beautiful mind and great conversation is what intrigues me."


To sum up: Kerry Rhodes likes 'em thick, Matt Cassel is a jackass, David Anderson is just happy the media's talking to him, Wes Welker is a weirdo, and Terrell Owens is a liar.

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