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NFL Players Will Be Tweeting During The Pro Bowl Tonight

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In a not-so-stunning reversal of policy, Roger Goodell will keep his sticky fingers out of the wallets of NFL Players who are found tweeting during game action tonight. The NFL will actually allow players to tweet from the sidelines during the Pro Bowl and even encourage players to update Facebook. Maybe even Linkedin, depending on their performance. NFL spokesman, Brian McCarthy, said the move is a blatant ratings grab at the expense of the sanctity of The Shield because no one cares about the Pro Bowl. Or something.

"We are always looking for ways to bring fans closer to the game and the players," McCarthy said in a statement. "The nature of the Pro Bowl enables us to have players tweet during the game."

Unfortunately, the League's most notorious tweeters, Chad Ochocinco ($25,000 fine) and Terrell Owens ($5,000 fine), won't be present due to playing in the Super Bowl and being a pariah who can't find a team willing to pay him, respectively.

The league will set up a computer on each sideline during the Jan. 29 all-star game for players to go onto the social media website Twitter during television commercials, or when their offensive or defensive unit is not on the field, the NFL said in an e-mailed release. Players are encouraged to interact with fans, teammates and opponents during the game[.]


Hey, NFL Pro Bowlers, we'll be running a live blog tonight—you should pop in and check it out if you get bored tweeting.

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