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• Honestly, we know this was covered all weekend, but man, that Carson Palmer thing was the worst playoff moment we can remember. We think Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals have it tough; Bengals fans finally get in the playoffs, and two plays in, their Pro Bowl QB tears an ACL and MCL. (Question: Anybody know any non-athletes who have torn one of those? Does it get you out of work?) Just brutal. This is God's punishment, of course, when you make Chad Johnson shut up all week.
• The worst part is that Palmer had to be taken care of by a guy who appears to have a mohawk grey streak. Or maybe seeing Palmer's injury just turned it white.
• Of course, you could still make an argument that Palmer's day was better than Eli Manning's and his playoff collapse. Hey, he's more like his brother than we thought!
• We have to say, we're absolutely salivating over the idea of a Patriots-Colts AFC championship game. Aren't you? As long as Mike Shanahan can do his job, we should be in good shape.
• Clinton Portis has implied that he won't do his press conference shenanigans this week. We're going to assume he's kidding.
• It was nice to see Sean Taylor join the Expectorating Infidels club of Roberto Alomar and Bill Romanowski. How pissed was Joe Gibbs? He made Taylor go back to the locker room in a close game after he'd already scored a touchdown.
• Next weekend is, after the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, our favorite sports weekend of the year. It's already too far away.