I enjoy football. Do you enjoy football? If you do, you're going to be able to watch even more football, starting this season. Ten whole minutes more football! This is the greatest innovation since Sunday Night Football, which in turn was the greatest innovation since football. (Thursday Night Football still kind of sucks.)

The NFL has announced that kickoffs for late games will be moved back 10 minutes, from 4:15 ET to 4:25. That's because the NFL's arcane broadcast rules have forced viewers to be switched away from the ends of games, often very exciting ends, to catch the start of the second game featuring their territorial home team. According to the league, that's happened 44 times over the past three seasons.

There are some losers here, like your parents who will have to wait even longer for 60 Minutes to start. And NBC, whose Sunday night pregame show will still begin at 7:00, even though no one really needs 90 minutes of pregame coverage. But the rest of us, who like football and like watching football and would rather some football ends before the other football begins? We get football!