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NFL Roundup: Bengal Breakthrough

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• As Arizona Cardinals fans, we always wonder what the day will be like when, after years of torture, our team finally breaks through and shows they're serious about this whole winning business. It must have been that exciting for Bengals fans yesterday. Realize: A baby born the last time the Bengals made the playoffs probably had sex over the weekend.
• Ah, but only if Chad Johnson could have scored. Probably for the best, though; he should save the truly great material for the playoffs anyway.
• Honestly, the Vikings are going to make the playoffs. This is a truly astounding development. We mean, we're surprised Mike Tice is still alive at this point, let along leading a team into the playoffs. And we don't mean we're surprised Tice still has a job; we mean we're surprised he's alive.
• Hey, these games are starting to count for playoff stuffs; Cincinnati not only went up on Pittsburgh, but they're now tied with Denver. That would be a goofy development.
• Speaking of the Steelers, we were sent this over the weekend. Enjoy.
• Don't know if anyone was watching the 11:00 p.m. SportsCenter last night, but they went to Chris Berman's Top 10. No. 10 was Cincy and Pittsburgh, and Berman starts, "Da da da da da, here's Carson! To TJ Houshmanzada ... (brief silence)... Four turnovers on the day ... (silence) ... You know what, let me do it again, let me do it again, I, I..." Then the screen went black for three seconds, and then their pre-commercial tease thing came on. You mean, he's just doing schtick?
• Kurt Warner is making it extremely unlikely that the Buzzsaw's going to be able to draft his replacement next season. Thanks, jerk.
• We find Eli Manning more likable than Peyton. We're not sure why, we just do.


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