NFL Roundup: Davenport Craps Out

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• After intercepting an Anthony Wright pass in the end zone, Lions defensive back Dre Bly honored injured Packers running back Najeh Davenport by doing a spitting-image impersonation of him. Which was nice, we thought.

• After yesterday, we'll just say that we're going to really enjoy watching Terrell Owens the next few weeks.

• We have a sneaking suspicion that Buccaneers defensive back Ronde Barber probably won't be mentioning his Punch The Referee incident during the next publicity tour for his kid's book. Best part, by the way: Jets coach Herman Edwards could have had Barber ejected for his accidental ref pounding, but said, and we quote, "I'm no tattle-tale." Herman Edwards is so great.

• Sorry, Chad Johnson: Your last touchdown celebration was much, much better.

• The world is just a better place with Vinny Testaverde in it. Honestly, we kind of expected him, after the Jets' win was over, to pop up in Houston to pick the 23rd inning.

• We officially have no comment on Bears' quarterback Kyle Orton's struggles yesterday, except that he's 22 years old and he was just having some fun.

• Today is Brett Favre's (and Deadspin's, we might add) birthday. Why do we get this weird feeling that the Packers are going to win, like, four in a row.

• The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals have a bye week next week. Good.