NFL Roundup: Hey, Look Who's Back

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Wow, there were some crappy early games. Thankfully there were a few sideshows and massive failures to keep things interesting. Oh, and this Favre fellow.

•Vikings 27, 49ers 24. Category 5 shitstorm incoming. Brett Favre's 32-yard heave with 2 seconds left won it for Minnesota, and made sure you'll avoid the first five minutes of SportsCenter tonight. Frank Gore reinjured his ankle on his first carry, but x-rays were negative.

•Jets 24, Titans 17. When do you stop calling someone "the best 0-3 team," and just call them 0-3? Mark Sanchez continues to give the media a collective chubby, and New York managed to hold Chris Johnson under 287 yards this week.


•Patriots 26, Falcons 10. Patriots fans, step down from the ledge. It wasn't pretty, but over 100 yards each from Fred Taylor and Randy Moss, and a key offensive pass interference call on Michael Jenkins were enough for New England to keep pace with the Jets.

•Lions 19, Redskins 14. It's over! For the first time since 2007, the Detroit Lions are winners. Matthew Stafford looked like an NFL quarterback, and Clinton Portis couldn't get going, so Detroit dominated possession. Washington simultaneously becomes a trivia answer and a punchline.

•Jaguars 31, Texans 24. The Texans are who we thought they were: an enigma. 300 yards from Matt Schaub doesn't mean much if you can't keep Maurice Jones-Drew out of the end zone...3 times.

•Eagles 34, Chiefs 14. The Vick show rolled into Philly, and it was less than successful. But it didn't need to be. While Vick accounted for 7 yards (rushing, 0/2 passing), the Eagles managed to ring up an addition 413 yards on the hapless chiefs.


•Packers 36, Rams 17. Nothing like playing St. Louis to make you look like a world-beater again. Recovering 3 turnovers and forcing Kyle Boller into the game will do that for you.

•Ravens 34, Browns 3. Wait, when did Baltimore get a passing game? This being Baltimore, I assume they stole it from somewhere. Joe Flacco threw for 342 yards, while on the other side, Brady Quinn was benched at halftime.


•Giants 24, Buccaneers 0. How bad is it in Tampa? Josh Johnson came on for one series in the fourth quarter, and still had more passing yards than (and double the QB rating of) Byron Leftwich. It was the Giants' first road shutout since 1983, but I'm not giving too much credit to their defense for this one.