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NFL Roundup: Oh, The Humanity!

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Notes From Week 5 in the NFL ...

• Even though the Terrell Owens business turned out to fizzle — somewhat — the Eagles/Cowboys game was as entertaining a game as we had seen all year. Later we'll have a photographic collection of Eagles fans for you, which, sadly, FOX didn't linger on quite enough for our tastes. Ultimately, a great game wasn't quite enough for us to quench our thirst for blood. We really were expecting some sort of Zeppelin accident.


• If yesterday's Saints-Buccaneers game, in which Reggie Bush returned a punt for the game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter, had been the first Monday night game at the Superdome, rather than that Falcons game, Bush might have been on the cover of Time the next week.

• There would have been something beautiful about Vince Young beating Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, but the Colts have become that annoying team that can play terrible and still win. We would love to see Young in Manning's mustache from that Sprint commercial, however.

• All right, so we're comfortable with Matt Leinart for our Buzzsaw already, though we really wish he'd stop calling the center "Paris." That Monday night game next week the Bears is going to be brutal, however.

John Clayton: "It's time to start thinking about next season if you are the Raiders." Hey, you might be right!

• We repeat: If you're not reading The Mighty MJD's Sunday smorgasbord each Monday morning, you're only cheating yourself. And God: You're cheating God.