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NFL Roundup: Sad Colts, Happy Bolts

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• We'll confess, we were actually kind of rooting for the Colts not to finish 16-0. Not because we have anything against them — we don't, save for maybe a suspicion that Edgerrin James did a guest spot on the seventh floor crew — but because we will never have faith in Tony Dungy and Peyton Chessning in the postseason, ever. It would be uncomfortable to have a 16-0 team lose in the divisional round game, confusing, really. And we bet that's exactly what the Patriots do to them.
• You think after games like yesterday's, Bill Parcells crawls onto his sofa, sits Indian-style and tries to make himself feel better with pints of Rocky Road? We think that's very possible.
• We are deeply saddened that Kyle Orton and his neck fungi was replaced by Rex Grossman in the Bears' 16-3 victory over the Falcons last night. We suspect this will remain the case in the future as well. And you know Grossman never gets hurt either.
• Chad Johnson might have disappointed us with his (bemusing) lack of a touchdown celebration yesterday, but now that the Bengals are in the playoffs, we know it's coming prime-time style soon. We are still waiting for him to do an Oprah-related performance.
• The Vikings: It's the curse of the double-donger!
• Was there anyone in Baton Rouge yesterday? We were unfortunate enough to have that as our local game here, and, honestly, we think there were more people in our apartment than at the stadium.
• Yeah, we know, the Buzzsaw got killed by the Texans, and we know that Dennis Green is already trying to figure out how to escape to the Rams, yeah yeah, we got it. Jeez.


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