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NFL Roundup: Strange Thoughts In East Rutherford

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News And Notes From Week 10 in the NFL.

• Watching the Giants-Bears game last night, we realized, like a lot of people must have, that Giants coach Tom Coughlin, for all his supposed military-like preparation techniques, has a tendency to make some silly decisions when under pressure. His decision to send Jay Feely out for a 52-yard, into-the-wind, slippery-turf field goal last evening was boneheaded even before it was returned for a touchdown. With the clear mistake, the Giants went from potentially holding an advantage over the Bears for home-field to being helplessly behind. By the way, nothing Rex Grossman does makes sense to us anymore. And Eli Manning ... uh, he's kind of collapsing in the second half again. Just pointing that out.


• We're very confused by Bill Belichick's constant snubbing of his protege Eric Man-breasts-gini. He seems to be furious with him for leaving to coach the Jets, though we can't imagine why; was he supposed to not take the job? Mangini, who still is pretty amazingly out of shape for a guy as young as he is, had some sweet revenge yesterday, leading the Jets to upset the Patriots. The Pats still look in good shape to win that division, but the tide turned real fast on those guys.

• What the hell happened to the Bengals? A bone-crushing loss yesterday leaves the SI cover favorites in serious danger of missing the playoffs. With their schedule, they could end up cinco-ocho before anybody realizes what's happening.

• If you ever start Michael Vick in fantasy again, we suppose you deserve what's coming to you. We know we did.

Mighty MJD smorgasbord quote of the week: "Rudi Johnson isn't starting for the Bengals for disciplinary reasons. Wait, let me try that again. Rudi Johnson isn't starting for disciplinary reasons? Man, the Bengals are running out of good guys. About Wednesday, we'll hear about Carson Palmer and Marvin Lewis murdering a transvestite hooker when some double team action went awry."

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