With the NFL season near, here's a list of statistical achievements to watch out for courtesy of Pro Football Reference data.

• Peyton Manning passes Brett Favre for 1st in passing touchdowns (needs 18)

• Adrian Peterson moves to 10th in rushing touchdowns (needs six)

• Jared Allen passes Lawrence Taylor and Leslie O'Neal for 10th in sacks (needs five)


• Ed Reed (free agent, yet to retire) passes Ken Riley for fifth in interceptions (needs two)

• Tom Brady passes Warren Moon and John Elway for fifth in passing yards (needs 2,326)


• Drew Brees passes Elway for fourth in passing yards (needs 395) (Brees has 1,932 more passing yards than Brady, too much of a difference to make up in one season. While both should pass Elway this year, Brees will maintain an advantage barring injury.)

• Brees passes Moon and Elway for fourth in passing attempts (needs 452)

• Brady passes Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe, Moon, and Elway (but likely stays behind Brees who has 213 more attempts than Brady) to settle at fifth in passing attempts (needs 665). (Brady's career-high in attempts was 637 in 2012. If he repeats that performance and gets to the playoffs, he could achieve 665 attempts.)


• Manning moves to 15th in career interceptions (needs six)

• Michael Vick passes Phil Simms for 20th in fumbles (needs three). Though with Tom Brady just one career fumble behind Vick, he could be usurped.


• Ben Roethlisberger passes Ken Anderson for 10th most-sacked quarterback (needs 13)

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