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Three new things I learned after hearing about this story: (1) NFL cornerback Charles Woodson has come out with his own wine called "Twentyfour." (2) Charles Woodson still plays football. And (3) NFL players aren't allowed to endorse alcohol.

Yeah, this actually happened. The Michigan alum was debuting his wine in downtown Ann Arbor last night, and when the NFL heard that he was giving interviews promoting the wine, the league kindly reminded him of a Roger Goodell-implemented rule that athletes aren't allowed to endorse alcoholic beverages.


And this is bad, because there are people under the age of 21 who watch football. They could watch Charles Woodson. They might learn he makes wine! Then they'll get into a drunk driving accident. No, the NFL can't have this on their conscience.

Woodson got around this loophole by having his cellar master speak on behalf of the new wine. I'm glad that the NFL is okay with Woodson having his signature on the freakin' bottle but not letting him use verbs and nouns and hand signals to tell people about it.

But seriously, let's all be glad they sorted that out. Now, please enjoy these hilarious Bud Light commercials.

Ex-Wolverine Woodson Creates Wine, But NFL Prevents His Touting It [Detroit Free Press]

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