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We live in New York City, which inexplicably does not carry the NFL Network โ€” write your Congressmen! โ€” so we missed a pretty huge faux pas from the league. Fortunately, those intrepid souls at Football Outsiders watched it for us.

The NFL rarely drops the ball when it comes to public relations, so it was a shock when Adam Schefter reported Monday on the NFL Network that the league didn t foresee problems with the Saints playing their home opener at the Louisiana Superdome on September 18 despite the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

At the time of the report, New Orleans was under rising flood waters that continue to climb at this moment. The Superdome is currently home to anywhere from 15,000-30,000 refugees with no other place to go. The city s mayor said on TV Tuesday night that despite a situation in the dome that is devolving towards chaos, those encamped their may have to remain for another week. There are two large holes in the roof, and the entire outer covering was ripped off by the storm. The city may not have fully restored electricity for 8-12 weeks. But no problem the NFL thinks it can play a game there in under three.

The Outsiders bring up another great point; Saints owner Tom Benson had been lobbying his city to build him a new stadium, or he might move the team to Los Angeles. We somehow doubt the city has enough cash lying around right now to oblige him.

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