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NFL To Stop Torturing Colorblind Fans With Color Rush Jerseys

The NFL is once again planning to distract people from dreadful Thursday night football by putting the players in dumb Color Rush jerseys. Pay no attention to the injured players performing poorly, lookit these kRazy jerseys!


You may remember these jerseys wreaking havoc on colorblind fans last season, which is why the league has taken steps to ensure that nobody watching a Thursday night football game this year will end up seeing 22 players all wearing green. From ESPN:

This year, the Bills will again wear all red, but the Jets will be in white when the program kicks off on Thursday.

Other teams that will wear white include the Browns—since their all-brown uniforms would blend with the Ravens’ purple—and the Rams against the Seahawks—since distinguishing yellow from green would be an issue.

Other teams will wear all white on the field because their primary Color Rush color is the same as their opponent’s. The Falcons will wear white against the Buccaneers, the Cardinals will wear white against the 49ers, and the Texans will wear white against the Patriots.

A reasonable person might conclude that it’s pretty dumb to give each team a special Color Rush jersey if a big chunk of those teams are never even going to wear them on the field, but the people who are tasked with inventing new merchandise for NFL fans to spend money on don’t really care too much about what’s reasonable.