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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

NFL Update 1: Fantasy Football Is Not My Forte

Illustration for article titled NFL Update 1: Fantasy Football Is Not My Forte

Chicago 20, Jacksonville 3. If you drafted Matt Forte in fantasy this year, JUST SHUT UP ALREADY! Yes, nice job taking a risk on a guy that was in every magazine's top 15 RBs. You're a real riverboat gambler! Forte has 52 yards on the day and the scorn of 11 of every 12 fantasy owners.


Philadelphia 10, NY Giants 7. Brian Westbrook busted an off-tackle run for six points. The 30-yard run capped a 10-play drive against the Giants defense, who at post time was giving up 5 yards per play. UPDATE: HOLY SHIT the Giants just ran back a blocked FG for a touchdown as time ran out in the first half! Unreal.

Atlanta 14, New Orleans 13.They're reviewing a Matt Ryan TD pass, but it's gonna stand. Michael Turner added a TD run of his own earlier, and the clock seems to be ticking down on the Saints' season.


Indianapolis 14, Cincinnati 3.This one's at the half, but it's really over. The Bengals continue to insist that Ryan Fitzpatrick can get the job done under center; he's 10-of-15 with 97 yards and a pick.

Tennessee 14, Cleveland 6. Tennessee has three running backs with at least one 20-yard run. The Browns jumped out to a 6-0 lead early, but have managed only one first down since their opening drive.

Houston 10, at Green Bay 7. Billy likes to drink soda. Miss Lippy's car is green.

Detr0it 6, Minnesota 3. UPSET WATCH! Because Minnesota blows. We're keeping an eye on this one. Purple Jesus was held to 28 yards in the first half.

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