New York Jets 40, St. Louis 3, 3rd Q. This game is pretty much over. The wisdom of Pro Football Prospectus tells us that kicking the shit out of crappy teams can be a better indicator of talent than winning close games against good teams. That's good news for the Jets, and this game can also serve as dent in the "NFC is the better conference" argument, even if it is the Rams. New England 13, Buffalo 3, 3rd Q. Trent Edwards has thrown two picks and been sacked twice, and Marshawn's paltry 46 yards rushing aren't helping matters. Baltimore 19, Houston 6, 3rd Q. Sage Rosenfels threw another INT and the Ravens are driving again. Willis Magahee also has a TD, and the Texans Andre Johnson has been held to only 4 catches on the day so far. Atlanta 17, New Orleans 6, 3rd Q. Michael Turner is closing in on 100 yards rushing (20 carries, 74 yards, 1 TD). It still blows me away how different this team looked from last year's Falcons. Michael Jenkins has also chipped in with 6 catches for 72 yards. Minnesota 21, Green Bay 10. 3rd Q. Aaron Rodgers has only thrown 17 balls all day. Purple Jesus has 94 yards rushing. Miami 14, Seattle 10, 3rd Q. Seneca Wallace got the start for Seattle, and they're having a tough time getting it together offensively. Ted Ginn caught a TD pass from Chad Pennington and Sticky Ricky has 99 yards on only 10 carries. Jacksonville 38, Detroit 7, 3rd Q. Just your stock asswhipping of the Lions. Tennessee 14, Chicago 7, 3rd Q. Tennessee still ahead in this game with lots of defense.